Saturday, 21 May 2011

so mean of me

after watching news about kejadian tanah runtuh at anak yatim's house, i feel really bad at myself. i have an adik angkat at rumah anak yatim but i completely lost contact with her. even her name i can't remember. oh teruknya aku ni. the only memory that i got is a picture of us together. serius aku ni teruk. if not about that news, i would not even remember that i used to be friend with her.

i still remember that i used to phone her once a month and at malam raya. she sound so happy and talks non-stop. i think it was me who would always want to end up the conversation. oh teruknya aku ni. she is so happy when i call her that she would always ask when i would call her again. i should call her more often. i am such a bad kakak angkat.

she has gone through so much but yet i couldn't spend much time for her. and the worst part, after i've finished my college, i didn't phone her anymore. all the hustle of getting to overseas has completely made me so self centered, forgetting about her. and now, i don't know how to contact her. loosing parents was bad enough, and now you loose your 'kakak' pulak. well, i don't even deserve that 'panggilan'.

i'm sorry. i am surely had dissapointed you.

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